Game changing List Of 10 Addons For Elementor

In this article i will tell you about some powerful Add-ons of elementor which will help you to make a more perfect website. Elementor is great Page Builder. You can use this third Party Add-ons to increase the functionality of elementor page builder. So here is Addons For Elementor.

We will discuss some free as well as premium add-ons for elementor.

Addons for elementor: Free Add-ons

Addons for Elementor: Header Footer Elementor


A great plugin through which you can make beautiful headers and footers. You have to only design a template decide whether to show it  as header or footer and then save it. It will automatically show as Header or footer.


  • Create attractive pages and templates that can be displayed as a Header or Footer.
  • Lets you use a fully customized header or footer across the website.

This plugin works best with these themes

Addons for Elementor: Anywhere elementor


This plugins will help you very much and will save a lot time. Using Anywhere you can make page templates and then you can add it on your site anywhere. If you want to change anything you change from one place.It a compulsory Elementor addon for my every project.

Addons for Elementor: Press elements


When you create a new post (or a page) on WordPress, you choose a title, write an excerpt, select a publish date, add an author, choose featured image, select several taxonomies and maybe you define some custom fields.

In the Elementor page builder you can’t display and style those components. You need to repeat the process and manually add a title, write the excerpt and add images.

That’s where Press Elements comes in handy. The plugin adds smart widgets that let you display those post components. Now you can drag a “Post Title” widget and style it your way. The widget will automatically insert the title used as the post title. Same applies for all the other post components.


Addons for Elementor: Popbox for elementor


PopBox for Elementor allows the creation of beautiful templates with Elementor Page Builder for use with the included Popbox overlay script.

An Admin menu will be added on your WordPress Dashboard sidepane named PopBoxes. This is the custom post type (CPT) you’ll use to create the content of the PopBoxs.

A custom module will also be added to Elementor Page Builder edit screen to be used for the customization of the trigger button embedded on your page.
Simply select one of the PopBox content created via the CPT to be shown when the trigger button is clicked.

Addons for Elementor: Elementor addon elements


This plugin adds new elements/widgets to Elementor Page Builder.

Current Addon Elements:

  • Flip Box
  • Text Separator
  • Price Table
  • Post List
  • Animated Text
  • After/Before Image Compare
  • Split Text
  • Particle Background for Sections
  • Google Map (with ability to add styles from Snazzy Maps)
  • Twitter (Show profile timeline, hashtag feed, tweet, follow and hashtag button)
  • Shape Separator (Deprecated.. use shape separator available with Elementor)

Addons for Elementor: Tables for elementor


Tables For Elementor is an addon companion for the most advanced frontend drag & drop page builder – Elementor. Create Feature rich tables and customize them right inside the page builder.

Addons for Elementor: Contact form7 widget


This plugin adds new element / widget to Elementor Page Builder which helps you to easily drag and drop contact form 7 forms from a drop down list. No need of going in cf7 & copying the shortcode and addding to shortcode widget of elementor anymore !!

  • Now only Drag and drop the widget inside elementor builder & choose your contact form ! Done !
  • Want to define style for input, lable, send button, success ? No problem ! This plugin let’s you do those directly from elementor screen!
  • Want to add custom page to redirect to when the form is submitted ? That is also possible now !
    Yet this is just a simple plugin for simple users
  • What’s more interesting is that you can have multiple form of the same single contact form 7 form with different rules and design with this on same page

Addons for Elementor: Hotel Booking And elementor integration


We tied MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin and Elementor together to provide you with a more user-friendly toolkit for building your property rental website visually.

Thanks to smooth plugins integration, you’ll be able to see all MotoPress Hotel Booking shortcodes and widgets (e.g. search availability form, rentals listing, etc.) in the list of the content modules in the Elementor builder. It will help you add all needed shortcodes and edit their parameters in a real time, via a more user-friendly Elementor interface.

Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration plugin will significantly speed up the process of editing your renting property website, providing more seamless editing experience for non-tech people.

Addons for Elementor: Siteorign widget bundle


The SiteOrigin widget bundle gives you a collection of widgets that you can use and customize. All the widgets are built on our powerful framework, giving you advanced forms, unlimited colours and 1500+ icons.

Widgets are great. No matter where you’re using them. In a Page Builder page or on your widgetized areas. It’s even compatible with other popular page building plugins.

Void Elementor Post Grid Addons for Elementor


This plugin adds new element / widget to Elementor Page Builder which helps you to showcase your blog posts, custom post type with custom taxonomy in five different styles.
You are now able to show not only your deafult posts by wordpress but also anything you create as custom post type. (excluding-meta tags/values).Pagination for easily navigating through the posts, Option to enable or disable pagination.


Now you have  the list of addons for elementor. You can use these these plugins to make a website full of adventures. Tell me in comments which you like the most or tell me i missed something.




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